Behind every creation is a creator. Behind every creator is a mind and soul. And it is here we find the “why” behind what we do.
Ben Coleman

At our most deep and vulnerable places, each person in this world desires to be understood and known. Not simply for the exterior voice and face, but the inner story that longs to be accepted and validated.

Why I Create tells stories of unremarkable people doing remarkable things. We seek to give each person a platform to share honestly and without judgement; permission to tell the story that has shaped their life and influenced their work.

My name is Ben Coleman, lover of great coffee, tasty food, and even better conversation. I get excited about telling good stories and being endlessly curious about the world, people, and how the two collide in ways both beautiful and mysterious. As the great American poet Mary Oliver said:

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”