Near the end of her undergraduate degree at DePaul University, a vocal major from Omaha, Nebraska was referred to a voice professor at a small program in New York. The next two years proved to be a mentorship which brought forth a love and connection with contemporary repertoire and collaboration.

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, DMA is an Omaha-based classical soprano who specializes in the work of living composers. Along with her solo repertoire, she is a member of Ensemble Dal Niente, Hasco Duo and Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble.

Outside of her performance work, Amanda is also the founder and director of an experimental performance festival called Omaha Under the Radar, which has presented nearly 200 individual artists from around North America during its first four seasons.

While the challenges of bringing  new experiences to a wider audience are plenty, Amanda sees tremendous possibility, hope and a better way forward, challenging and enriching her own community and those far beyond through the process.

This is Amanda’s story.

Visit Amanda’s Website to see more of her work.

Omaha Under The Radar Festival

Outr Spaces Omaha – Performance Space

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