*This episode contains some adult language*

For people on the outside looking in, the allure of stardom is captivating. It is a drug that feeds our desire to be loved. However, to be loved but not known is merely superficial. In the end, the void is never filled.

As the iconic drummer of Mötley Crüe, one of rock’s most notorious bands, Tommy Lee’s life took him around the world and to the top of the charts. Screaming fans, millions of albums sold, paparazzi, opulence and fame, he had it all. Yet the demands of that fame drove him to the brink.

Behind the persona of Tommy Lee though is a voice that sees unlimited creative possibilities and self expression. A voice of reflection and thought. A voice fighting through the noise to know what it means to be human.

Although one phase of his career might be done, Tommy knows the golden years are still ahead. And he’s certainly not done yet.

This is Tommy’s story.

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