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Tommy Lee: Finding Meaning Within The Noise

As an iconic member of Mötley Crüe, one of rock’s most notorious bands, Tommy Lee’s life took him around the world and to the top of the charts. Although one phase of his career might be done, Tommy knows the golden years are still ahead. And he’s certainly not done yet.

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Amanda DeBoer Bartlett

As an advocate for contemporary music, soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett pursues collaboration and experimentation, bringing new possibilities and ways of seeing the world through shared experiences by both performer and audience.

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Zora J Murff

Combining his education in human services and art, Zora Murff’s photography focuses on race, identity, and how images are used to reinforce sociocultural constructs; telling stories of those often marginalized, in the fringes of society.

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Lea Farho

While many artists and creators chase the stardom of popularity, Lea Farho knows that even a small contribution, from the quiet of her own home studio, can impact lives far beyond her reach.

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Lindsey Nielsen

Lindsey Nielsen never intended to pursue a path in radio, but has used her platform to help foster support and outreach in her community.

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John Cook

John Cook has reached some of the highest pinnacles in the volleyball world, but the experiences of working with student athletes is what drives his energy and passion.

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Chris Hughes

After stints as a musician and several jobs in the tech world, Chris Hughes finally found his stride. A fascination with military field gear, vintage aesthetic, and functional design opened the door to his company: Artifact Bag Co.

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Paul and Stephanie Jarrett

Paul and Stephanie Jarrett took a leap with their company, Bulu Box. While the journey has been filled with fear and uncertainly, it has not only strengthened their marriage but served as a conduit for their purpose in life.

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